ball1 [bôl]
[ME bal < OE * beallu < IE base * bhel-, to swell > BOWL1, BLADDER, ON bǫllr, OHG balla, Gr phallos, L follis & flare]
1. any round, or spherical, object; sphere; globe
2. a planet or star, esp. the earth
a) a round or egg-shaped object used in various games
b) any of several such games, esp. baseball
4. a throw or pitch of a ball
a) a solid missile or projectile for a cannon or firearm
b) such projectiles for firearms, collectively
6. a rounded part of the body [the ball of the foot]
7. Slang
a) Vulgar a testicle usually used in pl.
b) [pl.] daring or courage
8. Baseball a pitch that is wide of the plate or goes above the armpit (or shoulder in slow-pitch softball) or below the knee of the batter, who does not swing at it: four balls allow the batter to go to first base
9. Hort. the roots of a plant, bound and packed for shipping
vi., vt.
1. to form into a ball
2. [Vulgar Slang] to have sexual intercourse (with)
ball up [see BOLLIX]
Slang to muddle or bungle
☆ be on the ball
Slang to be alert; be efficient
☆ carry the ball
Informal to assume responsibility; take command
☆ get the ball rolling or keep the ball rolling
Informal to start (or maintain) some action
☆ have something on the ball
Slang to have ability
play ball
1. to begin or resume playing a ballgame
2. to begin or resume any activity
3. Informal to cooperate
ball2 [bôl]
[Fr bal < OFr baller, to dance < LL ballare < Gr ballein, to throw (with sense of ballizein, to dance, jump about) < IE base * gwel-, to drip, spring forth, throw > Ger quelle, a spring]
1. a formal social dance
2. Slang an enjoyable time, event, or experience

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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